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Experimental Collection

2006 Releases

Release 1: The Inaugural Release

In 2006, Buffalo Trace released its first three barrels of experimental whiskey. Each of the barrels had unique characteristics.
  1. French Oak Barrel (1 of 3)
    This bourbon was aged ten years in a French oak barrel made from staves that were first air-dried for 24 months. The French oak has given the whiskey a sugary sweetness and dark caramel color.
  2. Twice Barreled (2 of 3)
    After aging this bourbon for eight years and eight months in a new charred white oak barrel, bourbon was put into another brand new barrel. With twice the wood, this whiskey has lots of oak and a long warm finish.
  3. Fire Pot Barrel (3 of 3)
    Bourbon was aged in a barrel that was heated to 102 degrees Fahrenheit for 23 minutes. This extra heat dried the wood of the barrel to an extraordinary degree to examine how that might affect bourbon flavor. The whiskey has a smoky nose, and hints of fruit and tobacco on the pallet.